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Cumberland County Pre Historic Ancient Site from Stone

Cumberland County Pre Historic Ancient Site from Stone

LoveTNLife.com — Cumberland County, TN — There’s signs of Ancient civilizations everywhere.  This unique site is owned and maintained by the State of Tennessee, see it on Google Maps Black Mountain Trailhead.

There’s amazing trails which connect to the larger Cumberland Trail system, checkout this cool interactive map to explore the area.  At the top of this mountain bluff, there is a nearly perfectly square cube, surrounded by rocks which appear to be cut by something and arranged around this cube.  The cube could be a pedestal of sort for rituals or perhaps something else?  We’re going to stick to the facts here and share observations from the field, and photos, videos, and maps.  First let’s look at the elevation and a map we drew of the site itself:


This is the view from the Overlook, on the South end of the Bluff.

Photos from the Site


See the stone cube middle of photo:

Looks like this rock was cut somehow and fell:

Zoom out of the same rock:

Zoom in of the stone cube in the center:

Photos from the Overlook and Trail leading to the Site

Interestingly, there’s a surveillance ball which directly overlooks this site.  The sign on the fence says FAA which implies it’s a radar tower, which is true.  However, it’s now public that the FAA shares data with the NSA:

accessing FAA data, analysts are now required to take a new FAA §702 … (U//Fel:l9t To share FAA §702 information with other NSA analysts. [1] 

Call it what you will, there’s little difference between the NRO, the CIA, the NSA, the FAA when it comes to mass harvesting of data.  Surveillance may be done by one agency and shared with another, the point is that there are surveillance balls near ancient sites like this.  Skeptics will claim that it’s because this mountain is high, and it’s on top of the hill.  But there’s a radio tower converted to a 5g tower that’s a half a mile on the other side of the hill.  And that doesn’t explain the nearly perfect cube sitting in the middle.

Looking at the rock formations around the cube, it may have been cut and manufactured, it doesn’t necessarily suggest that the stones were placed there, but it shouldn’t be ruled out.  There’s simply too many coincidences at this site, in addition to the physical feeling of positive energy or ‘portal energy’ as some have claimed experiencing while there.  One visitor claimed to be ‘dizzy’ at the bottom of the rock stairs.

To be clear, this site seems to be a very Ancient site, there are not obvious signs of life.  There are rock formations that look to be modified, and large rocks surround a perfect cube, which faces West, as if this was some kind of structure at some point.

Ancient Photos rendered by AI

Here are some interesting photos made with Adobe Firefly by Macro Tech Titan:

Another set


This site deserves to be explored more.  What could it have been?  A portal?  A site for rituals?  Living space?  Spaceport?  The Appalachian Mountains contain many mysteries still to be uncovered, and many of them are right in our backyards.  Keep exploring!

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