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Tennessee Ancient Stone Megalith Structure at Black Mountain

Tennessee Ancient Stone Megalith Structure at Black Mountain

LoveTNLife.com — 5/30/2023 — Black Mountain is about 1 hour outside of Knoxville on the Cumberland Plateau, the Cumberland Trail runs through it.  After a long and windy drive to the top, hikers can walk to an overlook and around a loop trail.  There are many rocks that look at first like some kind of building blocks for kids, like big Legos.  There are corridors, places for sleeping, it almost looks like some of the underground sites in Turkey like Derinkuyu.  Checkout the link on Google Maps.


Face of cut rock:

Precision Cut:


Habitat (in background) – In Foreground – look the cuts on the rock.  From rain?

Here is a list of sites in TN – none in Cumberland County:


Perhaps there are so many sites in TN that they can’t all be looked at?  It’s interesting what cut these rocks like this, and why they are on top of the mountain.  There are no other rocks exposed like this in the area.  It’s a long drive up the mountain.  There are only rocks in this site, which happens to be near a massive vista in which you can see the whole valley.

Were these rocks part of some larger structure at some point?  We’d need some type of radar camera to have an aerial view as trees are blocking most of the rocks from the air, as seen on this Google photo: (The heart is parking and the Trailhead)

Also interesting is the NSA listening ball, access by paved road as well.

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