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This site is about living and visiting East Tennessee, Knoxville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Oak Ridge, and surrounding areas. Whether you are a tourist, visiting family, or here to watch the Vols win, you are in for a real treat. TN has something for everyone, for the active and the inactive.


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About Real Estate @ Love TN Life

Our real estate focus is land, luxury, investors, and commercial - with a focus on office buildings, or development projects.  The team is from California, Florida, and has lived throuought the South for the past 20 years, giving us a broad range of experience.

Real Estate is an amazing asset, all companies even remote work companies, use real estate.  Work from home businesses have turned their basements or spare rooms into offices.  Large companies buy property and build their own offices.  No matter how you structure your business, it has to operate somewhere on this planet.  

Real Estate in general is an amazing hedge against the US Dollar.  In the past years, we've seen markets go parabolic due to Fed Monetary Policy.  In 2022 we saw a deterioration of USD value due to Sanctions, creating a rift between BRIC commodity currencies and western 'inflationary' currencies.  This is a complex mechanism, because energy powers the western economy - by removing the largest providers of energy in the world, it created immediate inflation and supply shortages.  But regardless of the Macro factors land is land - it cannot be destroyed, even during extreme events such as Mountain building, Earthquakes, etc. - it merely changes the landscape.  Real Estate is a unique and interesting asset class for all of these reasons and more.  If you own land, you can do so many things with it; you can live on it, build a house and rent it, build an office and start a business or rent it out, or create a farm, timber, or other use.  The possibilities are nearly infinite, and this is what's so exciting about real estate.  Also, the United States in particular is a vast diverse land with mountains, deserts, coasts, plains, cities, lakes, rivers, and beaches.  Florida is completely different than Montana, and everything in between.  This geographic diversity has given rise to an equally diverse culture.  Each state could make the argument that it's perhaps the best state for living, for business, for various reasons - and that's what makes America great! 

Also, the US enjoys the most free real estate laws.  In many countries you cannot simply buy land and build an apartment complex.  In the West, the US Government still owns the majority of land.  But there is plenty of land to go around in California, Nevada, and Oregon.  

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