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Full Moon 2 24 2024 Astra Lumina @ Anakeesta in #Gatlinburg #Tennessee LoveTNLife.com #knoxville #nature #cosmic

Full Moon 2 24 2024 Astra Lumina @ Anakeesta in #Gatlinburg #Tennessee LoveTNLife.com  #knoxville #nature #cosmic

LoveTNLife.com — Knoxville, TN — 2/24/2024 – 2:24 pm — A great but cold and windy night, at Astra Lumina which is something everyone should experience in your life.  It’s the closest thing to a UFO encounter without any UFOs.  Guests must have a lift pass for Anakeesta and tickets for the Astra Lumina event before going.  anakeesta.com

This is about an hour from West Knoxville/Farragut with no traffic, and during busy times traffic in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg can be bumper to bumper.  What’s amazing about this experience is you are up in the mountains and it’s dark.  You can see the city glowing below you, and you are walking among the trees.

Mountain sky park Anakeesta offers an amazing at night experience which is a Celestial event. Walk among the stars, witness a Stargate portal to other dimensions – and more! This is a must see 1 hour from #Knoxville This is a #celestial #cosmic #unreal experience you must do once in your life.

Watch the Playlist here on our You Tube Channel

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