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Tennessee is the new California

Tennessee is the new California

Many years ago, millions of people moved to the cool new state of California, creating a film industry “Hollywood” and a business powerhouse “Silicon Valley” but it’s a recent phenomenon.  California has historically been quite rural, even the Gold Rush didn’t transform the state significantly, except for being advertising to move west.

Great climate, amazing culture, polite people, and tax incentives drove people west.  Great deals on land, jobs, and opportunities for business were on the top of the list, when people moved to California generations ago.

In many ways, California is much like Tennessee – it is mountainous, it has a similar climate, and both states have a diverse business community and culture.

People are leaving from California, it’s called the “California Exodus” –

The California exodus is an alleged mass emigration of residents and businesses from California to other U.S. states, especially Texas and Florida. The cause and existence of this migration has been extensively debated. The term became popular during the COVID-19 pandemic.[1][2][3]

But mostly Californians are going to places like Florida, Texas, Georgia, and other states.  They don’t know how similar Tennessee is to California in many ways – but better (there is no state income tax in Tennessee).

Perhaps this trend will continue, LoveTNLife.com will be following.. (This author is from Los Angeles, CA and lives now in Knoxville, TN)





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